Hello! I'm Ildikó.
(It's pronounced ILL-de-co)

I’m an American-born Hungarian. My superpowers include attention to detail, intuition for strategy, and a desire to solve human problems.



Started with Engineering
I used to work as a Software Engineer. The position demanded a blistering pace, supporting the world's most advanced computer chip manufacturing process. My workflow involved researching user requirements as well as programming and testing my code’s suitability for these needs.

User Feedback
Through four years of attending our users’ meetings, scheduling one-on-one interviews, and soliciting feedback as part of the software testing phase, I filled the role of researcher and designer along with all the other standard software development tasks. I went home feeling the most energized and motivated on days when I interacted with my users.

Career Pivot Idea
So why not make it my job to do only that? Pivoting took some time, as I meandered towards more user-facing roles, looking for the right one. In 2015, I finally heard about a type of job called “User Experience Designer”.

Data + Design = 😍
A graphic designer by training, the work appealed to me on a new level. Not only do UX professionals make visual design decisions, they also rely on research and data collection to make design decisions. I was instantly hooked.

What I do now
My dream to work as an Interaction designer has come true! Besides working full time, I have many outdoorsy hobbies and volunteer my design skills in the community. I am always looking new opportunities that takes design seriously through collaboration, transparency, and ethically correct practice.